The Belt that Closes the Gap in the Back of Your Jeans - Without Adding Bulk

Many of us find that to compensate for the hip size necessary in a pair of jeans, we end up with a gaping waist in the back. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. Hollywood Fashion Secrets has a product called Hollywood Hip Hugger. It is advertised as the no-buckle, no-bulk, no-front belt. What a simple idea and a perfect solution! This is an elastic and polyester belt about 6 inches long with metal clips on each end. The adjustable belt goes through the back loop of your jeans and then attaches with the metal clips to the belt loops on each side. With the Hip Hugger, your jeans immediately fit better, and it eliminates the peek-a-boo your backside often experiences as you bend in your jeans.


  1. Its really great product. Thanks for letting me know about this product.

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  3. That's awesome. Once you have a good understanding of your product and the environment it will operate in, you can select the proper belt. Low shrinkage polyester are good for use. Low shrinkage polyester yarn is used where both tenacity and low heat shrinkage is required. So its goo to go.


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