How To Make A Denim Skirt From Jeans - DIY

How to make a denim skirt from a pair of jeans - DIY
How To Make a Denim Skirt From a Pair of Jeans - DIY

I was going to write an article on how to make a skirt from a pair of jeans but, when I did a little research I found several great articles already existed. I decided to just go ahead and provide the links here.

Denim Jeans Skirt Shopping - Find great jeans skirts, sexy minis, classic casual long, sophisticated denim pencil skirts and more.

How to ....make jeans into a skirt! - Great twirly girly skirt with really cute ruffles.

Sewing.org: Fashion Sewing - How to Make a Jeans Skirt

How To Make A Skirt From Two Pair Of Jeans ~ Tutorial - This is a beautifully finished long jeans skirt that is made from two pairs of jeans.

Twirly Jean Skirt - Have some old jeans hanging around? Turn them into a sweet little skirt. I love that you don't have to worry about the legs at all because you cut them off above the crotch seam.

How To Make a Jeans Cut-Off Skirt
How to make a jeans cut-off skirt - This is a great cut-off mini skirt that's really easy to make.

Pimp My Jeans - Make Your Jeans Into Skirt
Pimp My Jeans - Make Your Jeans Into Skirt - This is a great way to save a jean that is too short. Send them your jeans, and they will turn them into a skirt. You choose the length.

Also See: How To Make A Skirt From Jeans on JeansHub.com

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